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A National Parenting Initiative

Going live throughout the whole of the UK!!! A triple headed educational initaitive supporting all families in the UK that have just had a child.

A Hard Copy educational publication distributed directly to families at point of registration of their child in registry offices or in maternity and birthing units throughout the country.

Website, Electronic Version .

Ongoing Email Communication with families on critical subjects such as legislation changes and medical information.

Editorial Partners within the initiative include The Home Office, Department for Education, Department for Transport, Department of Work and Pensions, NHS, Payment Council, Financial Conduct Authority, Money Advice Service, HMRC, Baby Products Association, Royal College Of Pediatricians And Child Health,

ABTA, ATOL and The Royal Society For The Prevention Of Accidents.

Following extensive research the content has been carefully selected to educate, guide and inform new parents covering all of the key issue they will encounter, whether they are aware of them or not. Including: new born, feeding, sleep, child development etc. The initiative will also cover toddler, preschool years and issues up to the age of 8 with their children, making it the definitive and essential source of information and support for the critical years ahead for all parents and their children.

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